SayMe, what is it?

It’s a new vision of anonymity. You need to post a link with your SayMe on IG story to receive messages from a secret sender to your app mailbox. We think that anonymity should be a friendly and protected space where you can safely show yourself. Youths have not found a platform on which they can talk about their emotions freely and without punishment yet. That’s why SayMe created this independent community for teenagers.

How safe is it?

The SayMe creators are really concerned about the level of the app safety. They are trying hard to keep your usage of the SayMe platform as secure as possible! The SayMe team operates on premium AI content moderation and works with data of a deep learning, as well as comparing signs by rule to keep bad comments off the net. This algorithm also studies emojis, and then the web scraper examines specific situations in which they appear. Be sure that the platform is always trendy and manages the jargon perfectly to save you from unpleasant comments.

The SayMe team follows strict rules to provide their clients with a high level of safety. You are welcome to contact the app safety department by clicking on «report» button in the dialogues section or informing us directly by address at any time.

Why is my kid utilizing this app?

Social networks and apps are fake and insecure now. People compete by spicing up the picture of their life online. The main purpose of the SayMe app is to create a free anonymous space for people, so they can safely show themselves without any punishment. We ensure your kid security and freedom by providing a brand-new way to share emotions, thoughts and views.

How to secure my kid from bulling on the platform?

We are always ready to help you and your kid in the case of bulling threat. To start with, keep away from suspicious users who act in a bad manner. Just remember that the most winning option is silence. After that, go through these three steps to get back after such experience:

1. Block the sender — block unnecessary users just in two clicks and stop bullying from the very beginning.

2. Click on «report» button in your dialogue — please let us know about unhealthy messages and bad words, so we can make our system more useful. By receiving alarms from «report» button, the SayMe team identifies potential users who can bull other people.

3. Take a quick break — to make your kid feel better, create a caring atmosphere and remove the platform from his phone for some time.

4. Ask for help — getting back after bulling is a hard and time-consuming process, so that’s OK to ask for someone’s help.

I feel like my kid needs help.

The SayMe app is the way to show yourself without any boundaries and punishment. Asking for help is the SAME. Don’t be shy or confused while getting help — everyone does it from time to time!

Check some useful sites below with recommendations and tips:

Crisis Text Center — ext HOME to 741741 for 24/7 consultancy.

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline — call 988 any place in the U.S. for a 24/7 consultancy. — 24/7 mental health consultancy in both English and Spanish.

I want to check how my kid uses social networks and apps.

It’s difficult to find sources that clearly explain the role of the family in the digital world these days. Check out some useful sites to strengthen the bond with your family in current social conditions:

Family Online Safety Institute

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