The SayMe app is a space where users can safely show themselves and communicate on various topics with their account audience. To be sure all SayMe users are feeling engaged and safely, we prepared a list of recommendations. Please read it until the end and then continue «Terms of Service and Privacy Policy» to be fully informed.

How can I use SayMe?


When sign up on the SayMe app, stay accurate and outright! We need your fair and square while using the platform, so we can provide you with most advantageous involvement. Moreover, fake data is breach of regulations, so please be honest with us!


Be the real you while using the SayMe app! Incorrectly entering your Instagram username could result in a broken link for you and degrade your user experience. You and your user information are protected with SayMe because we never ask for your Instagram password or any other private information. Visit us for more details about this!

Have fun

The SayMe app main purpose is to create brand-new ways to show and express themselves by using anonymous method. You are welcome to show your emotions and thoughts while keeping about security level inside the SayMe community as well.

And now about what not allowed in the SayMe app

To stay at a required safety level, the SayMe platform is strict with some type of content, for example:

Bullying, Harassment, Bigotry, Violence, or Threats

Bullying and Harassment:
  • Don’t post things that can be understood as bullying, abuse, defamation, harassment, stalking, or potential hate towards other people.
  • Don’t gossip, especially when the information is fake.
  • Don’t insult people with hurtful nicknames and words.
  • Make sure your words don’t discriminate people because of their race, age, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation or disability.
  • Avoid stereotypical judgements and unethical jokes based on race, age, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation or disability.
  • Do not do anything that might disturb someone else’s comfort on the SayMe app.
  • Don’t send threats to other platform users.
  • Don’t popularize suicide, self-injury, eating disorders, or any other way of painful ideology towards someone else.
  • Don’t popularize any way of physical violence towards yourself or someone else.
  • Don’t distribute information or methods on how to hurt someone.
  • Don’t post or send extremely graphic illustrations of violence.
  • Don’t threaten people.
  • Don’t scare users with cybersecurity threats.
  • Don’t support and popularize animality.
  • Don’t use the SayMe app to support and push people for terrorism or violent extremism.
  • Don’t send death threats towards any user, including yourself, on the SayMe platform.

Spam, Trolling, Misinformation, or Promotion

  • Don’t post the same thing frequently.
  • Don’t overflow someone’s inbox when it is unnecessary.
  • Avoid using SayMe solely to start fights, incite animosity, or start disagreements when you’re trolling.
  • Avoid posting with the intent to deceive, humiliate, or argue with people.
  • Don’t participate in or create situations that might hinder some justice process.
  • Don’t create or participate in activity that might hinder an election process or any other political events.
  • Don’t create or participate in activity that could mislead or misinform people about various political processes.
  • Don’t introduce yourself as another person to deceive, threaten or any other kind of violence towards users of the platform.
  • Don’t spread information that is not true inside the SayMe platform.
  • Don’t distribute unauthorized promotional materials, «junk mail, » «chain letters, » «pyramid schemes, » or any other type of solicitation that aims to increase sales or brand recognition.
  • Don’t support or seek to raise money for hate groups, unlawful or criminal organizations, or violent organizations.
  • Avoid overly promoting your own or other accounts, businesses, or groups on social media that are personal or commercial.
  • Don’t assert that you are associated with SayMe or that SayMe supports you or your offerings.

Sexual Content

Sexual Harassment:
  • Never endorse or discuss any sexual behaviours without receiving permission first.
  • Don’t use the threat of publishing sexual content against other users as a form of extortion, coercion, or any other kind of threat.
  • Never use sexual content or details about someone’s sexual history or conduct to dox, libel, or harm them.
  • Don’t popularize or involve people in sexual violence.
Soliciting Sex:
  • Don’t compel any user to participate in actions that have a sexual tone.
  • Avoid soliciting or providing sexual activity, and don’t count on payment or reciprocation for any improper requests.
  • Avoid disclosing or requesting contact information for purposes other than sexual gratification.
Sexualization of Minors:

It’s difficult to find sources that clearly explain the role of the family in the digital world these days. Check out some useful sites to strengthen the bond with your family in current social conditions:

Family Online Safety Institute

What if I witness someone breaking these rules?

Though most content that violates these rules should be filtered out by our cutting-edge AI Moderation, occasionally, messages may still get through. If you notice a message that is against our Community Guidelines, you can take the following actions:

Report it:

In our app, you can always use the Report button to let us know if a message contains bullying or harassment, spam, or just if you don’t like it. Email us at [email protected] if you think a message deserves our Support team’s attention right away.

Block the sender:

If you frequently receive harassment on SayMe, blocking the sender will stop that person from sending emails to you in the future.

Get aid:

Words can occasionally be as painful as rocks and sticks! Please get in touch with a qualified mental health expert to get assistance if your SayMe experience is causing you stress. Our guide to staying safe on SayMe includes a list of numerous organizations that are prepared to assist you if you need resources.

We have the right to at any moment delete any messages that are believed to be against these Community Guidelines. Users who violate any policy may be prohibited from using SayMe, particularly for persistent infractions or exceptionally egregious offences. The SayMe team may report any illegal or criminal conduct they come across to the proper authorities, together with any knowledge they may have about the offending user. At any time, new policies may be reflected in our Community Guidelines; these revisions take effect as soon as they are published.

In the end, we created SayMe because we think Gen-Z needs a space where they can express their genuine thoughts, sentiments, and emotions without worrying about being bullied, judged, or subjected to social pressures.

Please remember to treat others with respect, and to always remember that anonymity comes with responsibility!
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