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The SayMe platform is all about different ways to show yourself! You can be both childish and serious, fearless and fearful, real and fake. But always remember that some things are what’s not OK even on this app: we mean rudeness, bad manners or bullying of other users. Only working as a team, we can prevent bullying, so check out a short info of how is it working on our app: the ways SayMe creators provide high level of security and how to act while facing bad attitude from people.

How we provide high security standards?

First thing for us is to provide safety, happiness and engagement for all our clients.

Sometimes the SayMe community faces with trolls like any other social network. They are always and everywhere, but we have some working methods on how to stay away from them. To start with, our team operate on premium AI content moderation to sort bad comments. This algorithm also studies emojis and slang to prevent abusive actions at any situation. Also, we created a specific department to ensure your safety day and night.

Feel free to contact the department via email — [email protected]. Here is some more info about ways of keeping the SayMe app safe for you.

What should I do if I catch bullying on the platform?

Don’t keep quiet if you witness bullying! We can overcome it only by coming together. No time wasting and let the safety team know about abusive actions at [email protected] so they can start defending with it.

I faced bulling on the SayMe platform. What to do now?

Always remember that you are not the only one who faces abusive actions. Can you imagine that Justin Bieber and Millie Bobby Brown are victims of bulling as well despite their popularity?

If you faced bullying on the SayMe app, we are always here to help you.

Just remember that it’s better to stay away from bullies' provocations as the most winning option is silence. To defend them and get back on track go through these 3 points:

1. Block the sender

2. Click on the «report» button to let our team know about the situation

3. Remove SayMe from your device for some time

I started feeling anxious after received a message on the SayMe app. What to do now?

Our team is trying hard to keep high level of security inside the platform. However, there is still a small risk of feeling stressed and unprotected in some way. So, you may want to get more advice and guidance to reassure yourself

Go through this list of actions to stay calm after receiving a bad message on the platform:

1. Block the sender

2. Click on the «report» button to let our team know about the situation

3. Don’t keep silent, talk about everything with any adults you can rely on

4. You can contact mental health services or call 911 at any time (the link is at the end of the page)

I faced illegal actions on the SayMe platform. What to do now?

Illegal activities are prohibited in our app. If you notice anything illegal on the SayMe platform, contact us immediately at [email protected] so that we can block the content and the user who posted it. In some cases, we may also enlist the help of the relevant security authorities to deal with the situation.

SayMe priority is the safety of the platform and its users. Don’t keep quiet if you believe that security has been or will be breached!

Getting back on track

Even afterwards, you may feel depressed and exhausted — such emotions are perfectly normal as bullying causes deep pain. Give yourself time to recover and to retreat.

Try some of these recommendations to feel better:

1. Talk with our loved ones

2. Don’t forget that you are unique and exclusive

3. Participate in some activity which is out of the Net

4. Abstract away with the help of your favourite book or series

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